Unique Places For Your Tropical Fish Aquarium

yellow and white striped marine fish
Photo by Vural Yavas from Pexels

Throughout America 116 million fish make the perfect companion for pet owners, making them a very popular choice. Choosing where to put your aquarium is important as they need to be out of direct sunlight as this can mess with the water's temperature. They need to be in a room with good natural light, a consistent temperature and plenty of ventilation. The rest comes down to how many tropical fish you want, how much space you can give them and the overall design of your aquarium.

Home from home

Perhaps you've got a home from home that you enjoy spending weekends at or you own a piece of land that you're considering building on. Adding an aquarium or designing your space around an aquarium can make it feel like home, as well as adding a nice focal point to your decor. Depending on the type of construction you're aiming for, cabin kits speed up the building process, allowing you to focus on the interior. But it's important that you don't leave fish for more than two or three days at a time as they'll need to be fed, unless you have them in the garden where tropical fish can be self-sufficient. Consider how and when you will move the fish to your new space.

Taking tropical fish outside

Did you know that tropical fish can thrive in a backyard pond or fountain if the environment is right for them? They need an average daytime temperature of 70℉ and 60℉ at night, plus plenty of plants to provide them shade. Tropical fish are in their natural environment outdoors, so they'll help to keep water clear and will be able to feed themselves once they've established. If you don't live in a hot enough climate, tropical fish can happily live outdoors in the summer and be brought in for the winter.

Aquarium room divider

The more space you can give fish, the better. An aquarium that acts as a wall divider gives the opportunity for a large tank, as well as being a beautiful feature in your home. You can build your aquarium into a current partition wall or buy a tank that's the height of half a wall. There's plenty of shapes and designs to choose from to fit in with your home. Using aquariums as wall dividers means you get to watch your tropical fish swim around in two different rooms. Having the aquarium lights on during dark evenings is therapeutic and can set a nice atmosphere.

Getting creative with where to put your tropical aquarium can make all the difference with the overall look and feel of your home. If you want to keep fish but don't have the space, a pond or fountain makes an inviting outdoor space where you can watch your colorful fish swim around as the sun beams down.