Aquarium & Tropical Fish Link Exchange / Banner Exchange

If you have an aquarium or tropical fish related Website and would like to be added to our Aquarium and Fish Links page please send us an e-mail at

Your site will go on this page: Fish and Aquarium Resources.

We will need the following information:

  • The url to your website so that we may link to you and review your site
  • Your e-mail address
  • The name of your site
  • A short description of your site
  • The url where you have placed your link to us
  • The name of the site that you want to exchange links with. We have 30 websites and your site will be added quicker if we can easily determine which one of our sites you wish to be added to.

Place your link to us first please. Please don't e-mail us to tell us that you will place a link to us AFTER we link to you. Sorry, but we have people who do this and then they never get around to linking to us. If we don't find a link to our site on yours then we will have to delete your request.

We ONLY Link to Aquarium and Fish Related Sites.

Recently we've had many requests to link to sites unrelated to aquariums or fish. We will only exchange links with sites related to aquariums and fish. Unfortunately we don't have time to respond to the many requests we receive to exchange links with sites that are off topic. Because of this, we will ignore all requests for link exchanges to sites that are unrelated to aquariums or fish.

To Link To Us

To link to us please copy and paste the following code into your Website:

<a href="">About Fish Online</a>

If you'd like to use a description then please use the following code:

<a href="">About Fish Online</a> - Information on freshwater and marine fish keeping, aquarium maintenance, species profiles with photos, and fish health.

If you prefer to use banners on your site please use one of the following banners. Just right click to save the banner on your computer and then link it to

About Fish Online 88 x 31 banner

About Fish Online 468 x 60 banner

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