Learn Different Types of Fishing Rods Used by Anglers

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There are different types of fishing rods available on the market. Learning types of fishing rods is important because your fishing experience relies on the type of fishing pole you are using. For example, some fishing rods are designed for beginner anglers, while some are to meet the demands and requirements of professional fishers, such as Shimano rods for sale.

So, if you are a hobbyist angler and use advanced level fishing rods, your fishing experience will be awkward. On the other hand, a seasoned angler will be dissatisfied if he uses an entry-level fishing rod. Learning different kinds of fishing rods will help you pick the right fishing pole for your fishing adventures. Let's know different types of fishing rods right here.

Different Fishing Rods

There are several reasons why different fishing rods emerge. One reason is the anglers' level of expertise. Not all anglers have the same level of experience. This is why fishing rods manufacture produces both beginner level and advanced level fishing rods.

Another reason is the types of location and waterbody, where fishers will catch fish. And, the third reason is types of fish anglers love to catch. Anyway, here is a list of fishing rods that are frequently used by anglers' community around the world:

  • 1. Casting Rods
  • 2. Spinning Rods
  • 3. Ultra-Light Rods
  • 4. Fly Rods
  • 5. Telescopic Fishing Rod
  • 6. Surf Rods
  • 7. Trolling Rods

Let's know each of them one by one

1. Casting Rods

In the casting rod type, the reel of the rod is mounted on top of rod's handle. Casting rods are suitable for new and fun-seeking fishers. It is due to the fact that castings rods are cheap. Another usefulness of casting rods is they can be used in most types of lakes and waterways for angling.

Castings rods are also popular among experienced fishers because using the rod they can correctly place a lure or bait wherever they like to. You can visit FisherReel to get reviews on this or other types of fishing poles if you are planning to buy them.

2. Spinning Rods

Spinning rods have many similarities with castings rods. But they are somewhat lighter and shorter in comparison with casting rods. Lengths of spinning rods are usually 5 feet to 8.5 feet long, and they include 5 to 8 eyes.

The fundamental difference between casting rods and spinning rods is in the placement of the casting reels. In case of spinning rods, the reels are placed below the rod, making it easier to handle the reel. This is why spinning rods are more convenient to use for rocky fishers.

On the other hand, in case of casting rods, the casting reels as we stated above are fixed on top of the rod. Spinning rods are mostly used in recreational fishing, for example, catching pike, walleye, trout, etc.

3. Ultra-Light Rods

Ultra-Light Rods are lighter, shorter and also use the shorter line. Fishers used Ultra-Light Rods to catch smaller fish like bass, trout, and panfish. But fishers also use them to catch big fish too. Ultra-Light Rods are more efficient for catching small fish; it is because lightweight fishing line and lure are less frightening to small fish species, and they easily fall into prey. Baits used in this type of rods are plastic worms, tubes, wet flies, etc.

4. Fly Rods

Fly Rods as the name suggests are designed for fly fishing. They come in different shapes and sizes. Fly rods are flexible and thin, allowing anglers fly forward and back. They are also lightweight than other types of rods. Anglers use fly rods to catch small fish like tiny trout in a mountain stream or large catch like tuna or marlin in saltwater.

One distinguishing feature of fly rods is they have a special type of eyes called snake eye that helps anglers to guide weighty lines of the rod without tangling the line. Fly Rods are made of carbon fiber, making the rod highly flexible. Professional fishermen like fly rods to catch fish.

5. Telescopic Fishing Rod

This type of fishing rod is designed for portability. Anglers can crumple it before carrying and then extend it when necessary. Telescopic rods are frequently used during surf angling because this sort of fishing requires extra-long rod which could be as long as 14 feet.

When you use telescopic rods, make sure that joints of rods are free of sand because dirt can weaken the rod's adaptive ability.

6. Surf Rods

Surf rods are used to catch fish in the sea. They are larger than spinning rods and have long handles. The length of surf rods is usually 3 to 4 meters long to facilitate anglers to cast in front of breaking surf where fish species are expected to gather.

7. Trolling Rods

Trolling Rods are designed to catch fish from moving boat. This is why they are mostly used fishing in the ocean or large lakes. These rods are stiff and provide fast action.


When it comes to fishing, a fishing rod is immensely important because your success and satisfaction in fishing depend on a fishing pole. So, pick the right fishing pole, set it up right, and head towards your next fishing outing.