5 Tips to Parents on Getting Pet Fish for Kids

assorted goldfish in an aquarium

While some children like cats and dogs as pets, others may prefer to have a fish as a friend at home. Here are tips to parents on getting pet fish for kids.

When you take both freshwater and saltwater varieties into account, there are over 150 million pet fish in the United States.

Clearly, pet fish are popular among Americans. However, if you're a parent whose kids are asking for a new pet fish, you may have reservations.

While owning fish comes with its own set of challenges, it can be a hugely rewarding experience for children.

Read on as we share our five top tips on pet fish for kids.

1. Choose Your Fish Carefully

For a child who has no prior experience raising fish, some types are more appropriate than others. You don't want to invest significant money in a tropical fish and a special aquarium, only to find the fish dead after a few days.

Experts recommend goldfish, as they are inexpensive and don't require much maintenance compared to other species of fish.

You should start out with one or two fish, rather than a large number of fish. After learning about fish a little more, you can consider expanding your collection.

2. Choose the Right Fish Tank

You should pick your tank on the basis of the fish you want to keep. Some fish have greater requirements when it comes to tanks than others. For something like a goldfish, most basic fish tanks will be perfectly suitable.

If you're not sure where to look for your fish tank, or you'd like to learn more about fish tank sizes, have a look at the selection on Aqua Life Hub.

3. Make Sure You Have All the Right Equipment

Aside from the tank, there are a number of things you'll have to have to make sure your new fish stays happy and healthy.

These include fish food, gravel, a net, and a water conditioner.

4. Decorate Your Aquarium at Home

Many pet stores sell aquariums with a theme that is attractive to children, such as a cartoon or superhero character.

While children are drawn to these kinds of aquariums, their main selling point is often their decoration. They can be of poorer quality than other aquariums of the same price, lacking important features or making cleaning more difficult.

Instead of buying one of these, consider making or buying your own decorations and customizing your fish tank yourself. It could be a fun activity for you and your children to do together.

5. Allow Them to Take Responsibility

While you obviously want to make sure that your new pet fish is properly cared for, you shouldn't take control away from your children. If your child can learn to properly care for a fish without your help or interference, it will be hugely rewarding for them.

Studies have shown that there are a host of benefits for children when it comes to interaction with pets. The more you leave them to their own devices, the more pronounced these benefits will be.

Because they are so effective in teaching kids pet maintenance, fish are among the best pets for kids.

Why Pet Fish for Kids Are a Good Idea

There are a host of reasons why pet fish for kids can be a rewarding experience, as well as a learning curve for your little ones. If you employ the above tips, you can make sure that your children approach this new task responsibly.

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