Imbuing Your Aquarium with Stunning Designer Features

colorful planted aquarium

Aquariums improve your mood and have numerous physical and mental benefits, says a recent study published in the journal Environment & Behavior, but they can also play a starring role in your interior design. Known for their color, grace, and ability to arrest human attention with the never-ending movement of fish, aquariums are a top choice for everything from offices to homes. If you have fish and you are unthinking of updating their tank or you are about to buy your very first aquarium, what design considerations should you keep in mind?

Choosing a Theme

When designing an aquarium it is important to establish a theme or style that can serve as a starting point. This can very much be determined by the current interiors of your home. Current trends such as sustainability, the use of recycled and reclaimed wood and other materials obtained from the sea, and marine inspirations can spark a few ideas. Whichever style you choose, ensure it leaves enough free space for fish to swim in, but that it is not too minimalistic. Fish can get bored and love swimming through tubes, hiding beneath water plants, and finding other nooks to swim in and out of.

Choosing the Right Color Combinations

If you are a design buff, by all means choose fish that go well with your color scheme. Also use décor items such as corals, plants, and sculptures to ensure your aquarium coordinates well with the rest of your interiors. You can additionally use fish-friendly paint to change the color of individual items or of part of your aquarium. Be very careful when choosing paint, though; choose paint that is specifically designed for fish tanks or you could harm your fish. Note that different paint has different requirements. You will need to ensure that anything you paint is well cured and that the object is rinsed afterwards in dechlorinated water to rid it of dust, residue, and the like. Follow the instructions of each paint type assiduously, since paints for different materials (e.g. plastic, PVC, glass) may have different safety instructions.

Ensuring Fish are Healthy

The needs of different species of fish varies so you should make your selection dependent on the amount of time and effort you are willing to consistently place in keeping your aquarium clean and your fish healthy. Goldfish are popular choices for first time fish owners, yet they are sometimes more challenging to keep healthy than, say, tropical fish. Koi, meanwhile, require plenty of space if they are to grow and thrive. It is vital to consult with a specialist in the type of fish you would like to keep as pets, so that all needs - including oxygen, cleanliness, and space (to name just a few considerations) are met. Also note that fish tend to be happier when they are in groups of 10 or larger, than when they are alone or with just one other fish.

If you have decided to add fish to your home interiors, know that they will do plenty to liven up your interiors. Key factors to consider include the species of fish, tank needs, and safety of materials. If you wish to make and paint DIY features, do so but ensure that all the material you use is fish-friendly and that you have taken all the steps to ensure items are safe before placing them into the tank.