Handy Solutions That Will Help Reduce Waste In Your Aquarium

planted aquarium with swordtails

Cleaning a fish tank can be a lot of work, in fact, a lot of people are discouraged by how often they need to change the water, and decide to not have one at all. If you relate, you'll be relieved to know that there are several ways that can speed up the cleaning process. If you'd like to know more, make sure that you check out the list below for helpful solutions that can make this task more bearable for you.


If you’re looking for more efficient ways to clean your fish tank, then you need to have the right tools that can help you. There are several ways one could clean an aquarium, but there are certain tools that can help one do so at a much faster rate. For instance, picking up food leftovers isn’t an easy task because they’re very tiny and you can’t manually pick them up one at a time. This is why using a vacuum is absolutely necessary, but obviously don’t use it if you have sand in the tank. Sometimes excess nutrients and lights can create algae, which is why you might want to use an algae pad that can help you get these green spots right off.

The Clean-up Crew

What if you could have an assistant or two who constantly make sure that your tank is clean and free from any wanted pests? What if they didn’t want any money in return? Would you want them? Well, since your answer is probably yes, look no further than loaches. These little creatures are known for getting rid of snail pests. There are also peppermint shrimps, these shrimp eat pests such as aiptasia, which is a deadly creature that can kill fish and has a very high breeding rate. You can also look into buying the redtail sharks, not only are they beautiful fish, but they are also known to consume algae and leftover food between the rocks and other aquarium decorations.

Decorations and Tank

People usually think about flushing the water tank and adding fresh aquarium water when cleaning, but there are other pressing objects that need our attention too. The aquarium decoration is one of the most important things to pay attention to because they collect food wastes and debris. So, make sure that you get the things that are stuck in the creases on the corners of these plants. It’s also vital that you get the sides of the tank. You need to go over it with clean towels from the inside and outside. However, you need to make sure that you’re not using ant kind of bleach or soap that contains toxic chemicals because they can be extremely harmful to your fish.

If you’re feeling like you’re procrastinating and you don’t want to clean your aquarium, then you’re probably not using the right tools that can facilitate this process. Since this is an activity that is going to consume some of your time, mainly because you’ll be doing that quite frequently, you’ll need the kind of equipment that can properly assist you. Consider buying some of the cleanup crew, make sure that you get the sides of the tank and the decorations, and finally, purchase the right equipment.