Oscars (Astronotus ocellatus) are fish from the Amazon, Paraguay, and Orinoco Rivers. They are large fish that reach a size of between 12-14 inches in length or (30-35 cm). If you keep oscars you will need to have a large aquarium so that they have ample swimming space.

They belong to the family Cichlidae, which includes the African cichlids and freshwater angelfish. Oscars vary in color depending on the variety, which include red, tiger, and albino.

One of the most appealing aspects of keeping oscars is their personality. They are intelligent fish. They get to know their owners and become friendly with them. Oscars will often come to the surface of the tank when their owner is present so their owner can pet them.


They eat large foods so don't keep them with smaller fish because oscars will eat them. It is best to keep them in a species tank. Their diet consists of worms, insects, chopped meat, crustaceans, and dried food.

Oscars will dig up rooted plants and so it is best to have floating plants in your aquarium, as well as some rocks for hiding places. Sand is the best substrate for oscars. Water temperature should be about 79 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. They need a pH around 7.2.

Oscars like to choose their mates and so it is a good idea to have several oscars in your tank so that they can pair up. Once oscars have chosen their mate they remain monogamous for life. They lay their eggs on a precleaned site. Both parents protect the eggs and the fry. The eggs generally hatch in about 36 hours.

Once the eggs hatch, both parents move them into a shallow pit in the substrate. Once the fry are free-swimming they will need to be fed. They can eat fry food, rotifers, newly hatched brine shrimp, or crushed up flake food.