Warm Weather Means Changes for your Marine Tank

With warm summery weather in many areas of the UK, it means it's time to put away the jumpers and dig out the shorts. For marine tank owners, it's also time to adjust the regular treatments for your aquarium.

What changes with warm weather?

Keeping a steady temperature in your marine tank is crucial to its upkeep. With an increase in the outside temperature, the water temperature in your marine tank can go up. Along with having an impact on the health of your fish, an increase in water temperature can mean algae will flourish.

Controlling the temperature is a good place to start in treating these problems, but you might find that it doesn't cure everything.

Marine tank treatments

The warmer temperatures mean you should be testing your marine tank's water much more frequently. The sooner you catch a fluctuation in the pH, minerals, and trace elements, the easier it will be to adjust your treatments.

One bit of good news is that the treatments available now are far better than they have been in the past. For example, algae treatments can prevent algae growth or remove it entirely. This is especially helpful for a new keeper, who might not have experience with managing a marine tank during a heatwave.

There are also additives made specifically for the maintenance of marine tank environments. These can keep the right balance of minerals in your tank, allowing your fish and corals to survive and thrive through minor temperature fluctuations in the water.

Similarly, the different disease treatments on the market mean you can treat or prevent the spread of many problems in your tank. With treatments available for many of the most common tank diseases, such as white spot, finrot, and fungus, you can often save any ill fish and prevent diseases from spreading to others in the tank. As in any weather, it is recommended that you move any ill fish to quarantine to protect the healthy fish in your marine tank.

With many improved treatments available, the problems caused by warm weather are easy to counteract. From keeping the water at its best to preventing disease and algae problems, treating your marine tank is easier than ever.