French Angelfish

french angelfish

French angelfish (Pomacanthus paru) are from the Atlantic and Caribbean. Young fish are more colorful than the adults. When young they have yellow vertical stripes on their bodies. As they age, these fade and they take on the coloration shown in the photos.

It is not a fish for beginning saltwater aquarists. They are territorial fish, but can sometimes be kept in male-female pairs. In their natural environment they are typically found in pairs within shallow coral reefs.

They are also somewhat sensitive to water conditions and so you'll need to make sure the quality of your water is good or your french angelfish may become ill.

Feeding french angelfish in captivity isn't usually a problem. They will generally learn to accept frozen and meaty foods, and they should also be fed some plant matter, such as marine algae. In its natural habitat the french angelfish eats sponges off the coral reefs. You can find prepared marine angelfish foods that include sponges and you should include these preparations into it's diet. Young fish often eat the parasites off of other fish.

They reach a size of about 16 inches or 41 cm and so you'll need a large tank to house them. If you keep them in a reef tank they may eat some of the inhabitants.

Prices range from around 80 to 180 dollars depending on the size of the fish. Juvenile fish are less expensive.