Flame Angelfish

flame angelfish

The flame angelfish (Centropyge loricula) is a brightly colored dwarf angelfish. It reaches a maximum size of only 4-6 inches (10-15 cm).

The flame angelfish originates from the Pacific ocean. Its coloration and pattern varies depending upon which region of the Pacific it comes from. It is often found around islands and in close association with finger coral (Porites spp.)(Jennings, 2007).

Males are sometimes more colorful and have more stripes than females.

The flame angel is omnivorous, meaning it eats a varied diet of plants and meaty foods. It will generally accept live, frozen, freeze-dried, and even flake foods. It is best to supplement their diet with some algae, either growing in your tank or with dried algae for marine fish. It is best to keep lots of live rock in their tank. They like to hide in it as well as eat off of it.

Flame angelfish can be aggressive toward other members of the same species. They generally occupy all levels of the aquarium. They can be territorial in community tanks and so it is best to introduce this fish last if possible.

Flame angels rarely breed in captivity.

Flame angelfish are often good first fish for inexperienced saltwater aquarists because they are more likely to survive fluctuating water parameters than some of the other more delicate saltwater fish (up to a point that is). They are also relatively easy to feed in captivity.

Flame angelfish can be acquired for around $40 each.


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