Malawi Blue Dolphin (Cyrtocara moorii)

Malawi blue dolphin (Cyrtocara moorii)

The Malawi blue dolphin (cyrtocara moorii) is a peaceful African cichlid (family Cichlidae) that inhabits Lake Malawi.

As these fish mature the males develop a hump on their heads. Because of this hump these fish are sometimes called "blue humphead" cichlids. Their snout also elongates. Their elongated snout is said to resemble a dolphin's face, hence the name "blue dolphin."

This is a medium sized African cichlid - about 8 inches (20 cm) in length. You'll need a spacious aquarium because you should keep them in a group of at least six.

The substrate in their aquarium should be sand. You should also provide some rockwork for caves.

Their aquarium should have relatively hard, somewhat alkaline water.

Water temperature should be between 74-80 °F (23-27 °C).

In their natural habitat they eat small crustaceans that live in the sandy lake bottom. In fact, they often follow behind other fish species that dig in the sand and eat any invertebrates that are dug up. In captivity they can be fed cichlid pellets, flakes, and frozen foods.

Blue dolphin cichlids are mouth brooders. The female carries the eggs and fry in her mouth for about two weeks.

Once the fry are released feed them newly hatched brine shrimp and powdered food for fry.