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Fish Pet Care
Articles regarding pet care for pet fish.

Fish Tank Advice
My site gives tips and advice on aquariums and also cool things involving fish tanks.

Tropical Fish Gallery
A site dedicated to tropical fish photographs - covers both freshwater and marine fish.

My Skalare
A private homepage about the king of fish, angelfish, with affiliated forum. Here you will find everything about the care up to the diseases of these fish. There is also the possibility to acquire juveniles from my offspring. (This Site is in German.)

My Betta Splendens
A private homepage about Betta splendens, the Siamese fighting fish. Here you will find everything about the care up to the diseases of these fish. Also articles about setting up your first aquarium, what to watch out for and what mistakes can be avoided in order to enjoy the aquarium hobby. (This Site is in German.) - Intelligent Aquarium Stocking Calculator is an intelligent aquarium stocking calculator featuring bioload calculator, compatibility checker, and a filtration capacity checker. It features a growing species database with more than 40 attributes per each species.

Fish Tank Equipment
Complete Aquatics offers a fantastic selection of marine, tropical, cold water & pond fish. We also have many accessories & equipment from all major brands, such as Tetra, Rena, Interpet, and more.

Saltwater Aquarium Blog
Saltwater aquarium fish and coral information for the marine reef hobbyist.

Aquatics To Your Door
Online shop of tropical, marine, and pond fish available for delivery the next day.

Aquarium LED Lighting Products
Manufacturer of aquarium led lighting products, such as t5 aquarium led light, t8 led aquarium light, and led moonlight.

Direct Tropical Fish
Aquatic Web site for the fish keeping community. We offer forums, clubs to advertise free of charge, as well as sell quality products at discounted prices.

Catfish and More
Information and photos about larger, rare, or seldom kept freshwater aquarium predatory catfish species.

Aquarium Overload
A website dedicated to the the aquarium hobby. The website documents my saltwater and freshwater aquariums, fish breeding, and diy topics.

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