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Age of Aquariums
Aquarium information site that is available in both English and Spanish. They offer information on freshwater and saltwater fish, invertebrates, a forum, and more.

The Reef Tank
A community of reef and salt water aquarists.

Dutch website with articles about aquariums and cichlids.

Fresh Marine
An online resource where you can purchase a variety of marine fish, live rock and sand, invertebrates, corals, and other aquarium related and pet supplies.

Wet Web Media
An online resource for saltwater and freshwater aquarists. Has a forum, and includes the online magazine The Conscientious Aquarist.

An excellent site with lots of information about freshwater tropical fish. They provide lots of aquarium articles, DIY projects, and a forum.

Pond Megastore LLC
Pond Megastore provides top quality japanese koi carp and pond fish such as shubunkins, comets, fantails, and invertebrates. Fish foods and medications available as well as books.

Our Malawi Cichlids
Website about the malawi-cichlids we keep with a growing database and a lot of our own pictures of (at this moment) over 500 species and varieties.

Sonnen-Riff Freshwater
Seawater solar reef portal, dealer, pools, aquariums, and much more.

Live Aquarium Streaming
This site hosts three webcams directed at a single 125 gallon aquarium. The site contains pages that direct you to the fishcams and this page that describes the fish tank, the fish, aquarium history, and the care and maintenance performed.

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